A Guide to Choosing the Right Class

Use the descriptions below to help you better understand our class offerings and decide which class is a better fit for you. 


A Safe Space for Black Girls Membership 

BASIC PACKAGE: This class is for black girls in need of a safe space to learn how to braid. This space is for absolute beginners and teaches the basics of constructing a cornrow. A monthly Q&A is also included in this membership.


PREMIUM PACKAGE : This class is for students who are interested in exploring techniques beyond installing a basic cornrow. We learn how to add extensions and other techniques used to upgrade basic braiding styles, from cocktail'd styles such as twist, crochet braids, feed in braids, and updos. Membership also includes monthly q&a, monthly live techniques class, product tutorials/reviews, and more! 


A Safe Space for Natural Hair Supporters

This is a course for beginners who are not black girls in need of a safe space. This class assist those seeking assistance braiding, stylings, and caring for textured hair. This class will give you the basic information needed to braid and style hair that is very different from your own. 


A Safe Space Box Braid Edition

This course teaches the fundamentals of box braids. Students will learn how to install and knotless and traditional box braid, how to prep the hair, and how care for and maintain their braided style. Designed with the beginner in mind the only skill needed is the ability to create a basic plait (single braid).

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